U(VI) sorption onto natural sorbents

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This investigation made it possible to compare the #sorption capacity of mineral and organic sorbents in respect to U(VI). In order to establish the patterns of sorption, natural sorbents with a high content of rock-forming mineral were used: glauconite, diatomite, zeolite, peat, brown and hard coals, shungite. Each sample was characterized using X-ray diffraction, X-ray fluorescence method, scanning electron microscope, XPS spectra, potentiometric acid–base titration and surface area measurement. The partitioning of U(VI) was determined by sequential extraction technique. It was shown that the highest sorption ability and strongest interaction towards U(VI) is common to peat and brown coal.

Keywords: #Uranium, Sorption, Desorption, #Mineral sorbents, Carbon-containing materials

Anna Semenkova, Petr Belousov, Aleksandra Rzhevskaia, Yulia Izosimova, Konstantin Maslakov, Inna Tolpeshta, Anna Romanchuk, Victoria Krupskaya. U(VI) sorption onto natural sorbents. Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry. 2020

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