Case Studies in Chemical and Environmental Engineering

Издательство Elsevier запускает новый тематический журнал Case Studies in Chemical and Environmental Engineering посвященный исследованиям в области химических технологий и охраны окружающей среды.

Журнал нацелен на "быстрые" публикации небольших тематических исследований.

Все подробности по ссылке

Рассматриваемые тематики:

Environmental Engineering Applications

  • environmental processes and modelling;

  • green chemistry, environmentally friendly synthetic pathways, and alternative fuels;

  • environmental technologies, remediation and control;

  • environmental analytical chemistry, biomolecular tools and tracers;

  • process design, operation and intensification.


  • adsorption/biosorption, ion exchange, membrane processes, magnetic separation, particle separation, phase separation, multiphase extraction, thermal/evaporative processes;

  • heterogeneous catalysis, UV/H2O2, Fenton oxidation, ozonation, sonolysis, plasma processes, electrochemical treatment, wet air oxidation;

  • nanomaterials for environmental and chemical applications;

  • water reclamation and reuse, carbon capture, waste-to-energy/materials, resource recovery.


  • inorganic, organic, and persistent organic air pollutants;

  • air quality monitoring, air quality management;

  • atmospheric dispersion and transport; air-surface (soil, water, and vegetation) exchange of pollutants;dry and wet deposition, indoor air quality;

  • exposure assessment, health effects, satellite measurements, natural emissions;

  • atmospheric chemistry, greenhouse gases, and effects on climate change.


  • trace elements and nutrients in soil;

  • soil stability and erosion;

  • effect of water quality;

  • soil hydrology;

  • biodiversity of soils;

  • Micro- and meso-fauna in soil.


  • ecotoxicology and human environmental health;

  • ecotoxicology and risk assessment.

Oil & Gas

  • extraction;

  • refining;

  • gas sweetening;

  • oil and gas side products.

Pharmaceuticals & Personal Care Products (PPCPs)


  • combustion;

  • nuclear fission;

  • renewable (solar, wind, hydro);

  • geothermal.

Fine and heavy chemicals and Agrochemicals

Other industries

  • fibres and polymers;

  • food and drink;

  • plastic and metals;

  • pulp and paper.

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