The Russian Clay Group ( with support of the Clay Commission of Russian Mineralogical Society (, Institute of Geology of Ore Deposits, Petrography, Mineralogy and Geochemistry RAS (IGEM RAS) are pleased to invite you to the joint Conference and School on clay minerals which will be held on 11-15 November 2019 in IGEM RAS.

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Workshop Dates‎: November 11-13, 2019

Aims and Objectives

    VI Russian school on clay minerals «Argilla Studium - 2019» is focused on specialists working in the field of clay and clay minerals: students, postgraduates, young scientists and representatives of industrial organizations. Our main and constant objective is to create a friendly atmosphere of cooperation and network between research groups and industrial organizations. The School provides an opportunity to participate in workshops that will involve using up-to-date and modern equipment, methods and software.   


    All lectures, workshops and practical training are unique and original. «Argilla Studium-2019» program will consist of lectures on composition, structure and properties of clay minerals given by leading Russian and foreign scientists. Several lectures will continue and extend the lectures of previous Schools.


Conference Dates‎: November 13-15, 2019

Conference Information

Clay minerals are the most abundant sedimentary mineral group, consequently, they are often used as indicators for various geological and technogenic processes. Furthermore, research on clay minerals has received considerable attention because of their unique properties. Materials based on clay minerals are widely used in the industry and the economy from pharmaceutics and agriculture to nuclear and petroleum industries.

CLAY-2019 will cover issues of geological and industrial fields. It is dedicated to creating an environment for exchanging the modern research results and sharing the advanced research methods.

The conference will pay special attention to the use of clays as a material for engineered barriers in radioactive-waste management.

Scientific program:

Session S1:  Crystal chemistry of clay minerals, modern methods of diagnostics and research.

Session S2: Geology, mineralogy and geochemistry of soils and sediments

Session S3: Physical and Chemical Properties of Clay Minerals and Layered Materials: industrial application of clays and layered materials

Session S4: Behavior of clay minerals in weathered crust, soils, paleosols, and organo-clay interactions

Session S5: Clays and clay materials as sorbents and insulating safety barriers in the disposal of toxic waste.

Venue: IGEM RAS, 119017, Staromonetny per. 35, Moscow

Registration Info:


Key Dates:

Registration and abstract submission deadline - until 15th October 2019

Confirmation of acceptance of your abstract will be sent until 30th October 2019

The final Conference Program will be published until 30 October 2019

You can submit your abstract to CLAY-2019 (oral or poster presentation) and/or to «ARGILLA STUDIUM-2019» (only poster presentation).

Guidelines for abstract submission:


Communications Contacts:

Victoria Krupskaya,, +7-926-819-63-98; +7-499-230-82-96;

Olga Dorzhieva (IGEM RAS); Petr Belousov (IGEM RAS);